61 Series (Heater)/(Heater)1


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YJ61 series main technical parameters:






Applications: Widely used in thermal heaters, refrigerators, air conditioning pumps, microwave ovens, mixers, pumps, glass cutting machine, air cleaners, pencil sharpener, fans, exhaust fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and medical equipment.
Product description:
1, this series motor is safe and reliable, low noise, characteristics hard, good starting performance, long life and other advantages;
2, This series motors are widely used in heaters, electric ovens, fireplaces, oil pump, water pump, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, blenders, microwaves, ventilation fans,
Air purifiers and other home appliances and industrial appliances;
3, the insulation level of the series motor can be designed according to user requirements E, B, F, H four grades;
4, and the size of the motor rotation direction “A, D, L1, L2, L3” according to user requirements.

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