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1.With ABS pump casing, our pump has good stain resistance,scuff or abrasion resistance,electrical insulation and impact resistance even at low temperatures,It’s better in quantity and more stiff than PP.
2.With 100% copper coil,our pump motor become more engine-saving,efficiency and faster hest conduction than CCA,CCA consumes too much electricity and easy to gain heat,it’s more unstable and danger.
3.With ceramic shaft,our pump motor runs fast with low noise ,Theceramic shaft is anti-corrosion,light and it has a long-lasting life.The iron shaft gets rusty and loses its shape easily.
4.With POM,our pump impeller runs faster and has good abrasion resistance,It’sbetter than nylon,Nylon abrases easily.
5.With full filled Epoxy,our pump is very soiled and stable.Good impact resiatance water-proof,dust-proof,non-pollution,heat-proof and it prevent our motor from chemical damage.
6.With Silicon steel motor,the magnetic of our motor is very strong thus our impeller runs fast.
7.With Thermal protector,our pumpworks in a safe way
8.With skilled workers,every pump has been assembled quickly and carefully,we test every pump tp make sure it’s all in good condition before we sell it.
9.With experienced engineers,we are keeping improve and optimize our pumps.

Contemporary promotional garden fountain clean pump  

safe,quiet operation

Suction sups to fit any aquariums

Suitable for fresh and marine water

Physical and biological filtration


          UNS-1000A                    UNS-1000B

 Watts(w) 20  Wattes(w) 35
 Flow(L/H)  1000  Flow(L/H)  1400
 Head(m)  1.8   Head(m)  2.8
 Outlet(mm)  13  Outlet(mm)  13/19
 Voltage(V)  120V/220V-240V/50Hz/60Hz  Voltage(V)  120V/220V-240V/50Hz/60Hz
 Size(mm)  130X98X101   Size(mm)  156X114X118
 Packing qty(pcs)  36  Packing qty(pcs)  27
 Packing size(cm)  42.5X41.5X34  Packing size(cm)  49.5X37X38
 G.W(KG)  17.5  G.W(KG)  24.5
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