CP-180 Industrial Air Cooler


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Industrial air cooler CP-180

Name: CP-180 Industrial Air Cooler
Voltage 100-127V/220-240V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power 750W
Max airflow 18000m³/H
Noise ≤68dB
Water tank 60L
Water consumption 4-6L/H
Effective area 100-150m³
Products size 1120x680x1530mm
20 container 26PCS
40 GP 52PCS
40 HQ 68PCS

Product Features:

1.Investment operation cost is low

Upfront investment, or the late operation cost, economy, than traditional air conditioning power consumption by traditional air conditioning compressor type of 10% -15%. 2.Air quality is good Evaporation cooling form the outdoor air clean air, through the indoor duct constant input, at the same time can filter out 80% microns of dust in the air, remove the harmful gas in the air, make indoor always keep fresh, cool and comfortable. 3.Cooling effect is obvious In the moist areas (e.g., the south), generally can reach 5 ℃ – 8 ℃ cooling effect, in hot, dry areas (e.g., north China, northwest).Cooling rate can be up to 8 to 15 ℃ and cooling rapidly. 4.Post cooling Some high temperature, high places that decide a dot can be cool, save investment, but also create a comfortable working environment for employees 5.Adjust the humidity In dry areas can adjust air humidity, improve comfort, in textile, knitting industry can reduce yarn breaking, improve product percent of pass 6.Comducive to environmental protection,save a space No freon, heat up, do not take up the interior space
7.Quite and comfortable
 Big air volume, little vibration, low noise, is currently the domestic and foreign similar products in the lowest noise energy conservation environmental protection air conditioning
8.Fully automatic computer control
Automatic feed water, cleaning, lack of phase, water shortage protection function, more convenient, more secure

 trial scope:
1. Industry: textiles, garments, glass, rubber, plastic injection, spraying, silk screen, printing, toys, household appliances, footwear, electronics, food processing, bleaching, laundry, etc. With high temperature, silent, and so on the factory floor
2. Civilian areas: Internet cafes, timeout, dining hall, exhibition hall, waiting room temperature control and places of entertainment
3. The agricultural sector: large farms, greenhouse, dapeng and livestock farm

  Motor  1-phase, three-speed  Cooling pad size :  1100× 100×1175 MM
  Motor casing  Full airtight  Front frame   875× 875 MM
  Power supply  220V/50Hz  Air outlet diameter  765 MM
 Motor power(KW)   0.35/0.45/0.55  Water tank capacity  90L
 Fan type  Axial fan  Water consumption  10-15 L/H
  Fan noise  58/64/68 dB  Automatic water inlet  Yes
 Fan diameter  760 MM  Manual water inlet  Yes
  LCD control   Yes   Front & back safety nets  Yes
  Fan speed(R/Min)  780/860/920  Wheels and brakes  Yes
  Max. airflow delivery distance  20 M  Packing  Standard carton box
 Ice inlet  Yes  Water level indicator   Yes
 Airflow(M3/H)  12000/15000/18000  Net Weight   52Kg
 Effective space  150-200M2  Dimension  113x71x163MM
 Pump type   Submersible  Gross Weight  57 Kg


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