CP-180A Industrial water air cooler

CP-180A Industrial water air cooler


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Industrial water air cooler CP-180A


Name: CP-180A Industrial water air cooler
Power 220V/50HZ 60HZ
Output power 120W
Noise ≤70dB
Water tank 45L
Fan type Axial
Controller LCD with remote
Product size 1.5X1.16X0.64M
Weight 52.8KG

Factures of air cooler:

1. this water air cooler  has Copper-wire motor

2. Large water tank for long time use

3. high quality evaporative filter cooling pad

4.This air cooler is Movable c, applies to any flat surface.
5. Adjustable speed is available for the air cooler machine

6. Automatic swing function
7. Cools a large area.
8. This kind of air coole is easy to use, easy to clean.
9. Super energy saving


Working principle:

The Evaporative Air Cooler is a high-tech product. Its principle is as following:

Water is sent to the water distributor by pump and sprinkle the surface of the cooling pad evenly,

and the water will flow directly into the side of air inlet of the cooling pad which is designed with special angle.

When the hot air passes the pad with water, it will lose considerable heat and get cool, also the air is filtered.

Then we can enjoy the cool, comfortable and fresh air.

The remained water will flow to drainage pan for the cycling.




1, Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied within 24hours

2, Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquiries in fluent English.

3. one year machine warranty

4. Offering the support to solve the problem in the installing or selling period of the water air cooler.


Applications of portable water air cooler :

Staff accommodation and home

Manufacture like Textile, Machinery, Refine Chemical Industry and so on

Open-type shops, supermarket, restaurants and other commercial establishments

The place with heat generating equipment and need to cool down

BBQ, party and other entertainment place

Outdoors where need to be cooler

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