High quautity DC 24V fountain pump


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1. Life: Expected life span is about 30000 hours.
2. Low noise: ≤40dB, far from 1meter distance.
3. Duty work: The pump can sustain heavy duty work for a whole day. Continuous operation.
4. Working conditions: Applying to indoor and outdoor under temperature 45degC.
5.Working temperature: Within 120 degC.
6. Can work in water or out of water.Hall sensor driving, circuit board should be placed inside pump body.
7.Reliable Performance: Works quietly; Energy saving; High efficiency; Environment protection; We can offer over voltage protection, overheat protection, run dry protection, over current protection,idling protection, blocking protection, jammed protection signal feedback, speed control, ect.
Power supply:
It can be powered directly by Solar panel; DC electric source; battery.
1. Radiator of Electric Vehicle,engines,etc,Car washes.                    
2. Solar water circulation system ,Pipe pressurization,              
3. Fountain, aquarium,home applicance,etc
4. pump oil and irrigation system.                  
Model No: Watts    (W)   Working Voltage  (V) H  Max   (M) Qmax.(L/H) Working temperature
ZX60A-24 48  24V 9 1000 -45~120
ZX60A-24 60 24V 11 1500 -45~120
ZX60A-24 72 24V 13 1800 -45~120
ZX60A-24 84 24V 15 2500 -45~120
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