MF-65 Industry water Mist fan

MF-65 Industry water Mist fan


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MF-65 Industry water Mist fan

Product description

Item water mist fan
Model MF-65
Voltage 220-240V / 100-120V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power 230W
The description
Cooling effect 3-5℃
Spraying volume 0-16L/h    0.25L/min
Spray Effective Distance 5-8m
Wind 205m³/min
use area 30-50m²
Material Aluminum
Can shake its head or not not
Water tank capacity 30L
Shake head angle 90°
The tank material PP
Speed 3
Blade diameter 650mm
Integrated packaging


1. Easy to operate and high safety of Industry or poultry farm water mist fan

2. Precise Machining Technique

3. Long Life of the Machine

4. Delicate and Beautiful Appearance Design

5. Broader Applicable Scope

6. Good quality and less malfunction

 v      Centrifugal atomization design without nozzle & no need for water- filtration equipment

v      Adjustable noiseless misting volume

v      Atomization and Air-delivery driven by separate motor, convenient and easy to be used and maintained

v      The surface of the fan is durable with powder coating and good rust prevention.

v      Motor with low-temperature-rise design, steady performance, long-life operation and good overload protact

v       Protective device for pump running without water

v       90°oscillation, three speeds

v       Waterproof electric design for safety use

v       Active to move with handcan

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