CP-15 Office air cooler


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Office air cooler CP-15

Name: CP-15 Office air cooler
Area Cooled 20Sq.Mt/250Sq.Ft
Air Throw Distance 5M/15Ft
Air Flow 1500M3/Hr,800CFM
Motor 1/10HP(75W),3-Speed
Voltage/Max. Current 220V/1.0A
Blower / Fan Fan
Speed Control Mechanical Switch
Water Capacity 18 Liters
Cooling Media High Density Cooling Pad
Demensions(HWD) 64cm51cm30cm
Qty/40 Container(HC) 530

Product Features :

·High density cooling pad

·Water level indicator

·Water filling door with lock

·Lead wire holder

·Reliable mechanical switch control

What are the benefits of the evaporative  cooling?

Evaporative coolers do not require many of the highly technical and electricity thirsty components that Air Conditioners require:


Chemicals or refrigerants

Without the compressors and chemicals, evaporative cooling has many benefits:

Very low amp draw

Low electricity usage

Environmentally friendly

Since evaporative coolers do not have compressors, ducting is not needed

Portable – can be moved anywhere needed

No installation is required – ready to use right out of the box… just add water!

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